A Certified Professional who is also a passionate learner in the fields of leadership, positive energies and wealth building with accumulated experience of over 20 years across functions and fields including Finance, Sales & Marketing and Operations in addition to Learning and Development. My experience ranges from handling medium to large sized teams with varied cultural, lingual and professional backgrounds.

Have successfully :

  • Devised & put in place systems & procedures revolving around the needs of the Organisation.
  • Attaining customer satisfaction by achieving delivery of service quality norms.
  • Overseen planning, recruitment, selection & quality evaluation for all employees within the Business Unit.
  • Worked with Senior leaders to help create & sustain a dynamic environment that fosters development opportunities & motivates high performance amongst team members.
  • Helped/Assisted Individuals and Professionals leverage their Networking Skills to Integrate and spread their Business by sharing best practices/tools to obtain maximum opportunity cost by use of Technology.

In the field of Leadership and Personal Development, I have facilitated programs on Effective Communication, Decision Making, Meeting Management, Planning and Organizing, Time Management, Stress Management, Team Dynamics etc. Coaching has helped me evolve as a Facilitator in Skill, Will and drill wherein discipline with the partner i.e. client is the Key factor that drives us to success in achieving the desired.

Coaching style: By partnering with the Individual. I am able to create excitement in the process of sharing and the techniques used lead to larger shifts in accepting, adopting and practicing new skills, thereby going beyond to achieve the desired outcomes. Broadly speaking, I am able to increase effectiveness, broaden thinking, identify strengths , develop needs and help set Smart goals for the clients that contribute to their personal/professional growth.